25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

Remy Martin Louis XIII
Remy Martin Louis XIII



Remy Martin Louis XIII

40.0% | 70CL

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France, Cognac

Product details

The finest and most precious eaux-de-vie, made using grapes grown in Grande Champagne – the premier cru of the Cognac region – are carefully blended over the years to create the cognac inside every Louis XIII Classic decanter. Provenance and time are the very essence of Louis XIII cognac.

Tasting notes

The eaux-de-vie are slowly aged in old Limousin tierçons (traditional aged French oak casks). Every sip is a taste of time.

The Magic Of Louis XIII

Created in 1874, Louis XIII is the result of the life achievement of Cellar Master, and one of the world’s most prestigious cognac brands. It is made from a blend of up to 1,200 individual eaux-de-vie, using grapes grown in Grande Champagne, encased in a unique decanter. Each drop of LOUIS XIII cognac represents years of dedication and hard work, so in order to appreciate its complex characteristics a certain tasting ritual is required. Tasting LOUIS XIII shouldn’t be rushed, and we invite you to share in a unique tasting experience that involves all of the senses.

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