25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

Johnnie Walker 48 Y.O.
Johnnie Walker 48 Y.O.



Johnnie Walker 48 Y.O.

41.8% | 70CL

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Scotland, Edinburgh

Product details

Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour 48 Year Old is crafted using fleetingly rare whiskies - all aged for at least 48 years - from the four "ghost" distilleries of Port Dundas, Brora, Glen Albyn and Glenury Royal. It is the third and final expression in the Johnnie Walker Masters series, following The John Walker Master's Edition and Johnnie Walker Master's Ruby Reserve. There are only 288 bottles of this exceptionally rare whisky available. Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour celebrates the art of whisky making, shining a light on how each of the four main steps in the process - malting, distilling, cask maturation and then blending - contribute equally to creating extraordinary flavours - from grain to glass.

Tasting notes

These aromas give way to rich fruit flavours bursting with currants before a gentle spice starts to build on the palate. Cinnamon-infused apples combine with star anise, crushed peppercorn and warming oak embers, enveloped in waves of baked caramel and rich butterscotch before culminating in a gentle and warming smoke in the finish.


The Masters of Flavour boasts a unique lineage. Each of the exquisite, limited releases within the Masters series is designed with its own specific theme in mind, paying hommage to the rich history behind the Johnnie Walker business. The Johnnie Walker Masters series is a limited-edition collection of ultra-luxury blends utilizing some of the oldest and rarest whiskies from the reserves. The first of the Johnnie Walker Masters series, The John Walker Masters’ Edition, was released in 2018. But really if you want to find the origins of this project you need to go back further still. It was about 25 years ago that the Johnnie Walker blenders recognised that these individual whiskies were very special. The decision was made then to put them aside for special use, allowing each of them to continue to mature in their casks, knowing that, in time, something even more remarkable would emerge.

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