25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

25th Anniversary of our boutique

Dom Perignon P2 Rose 2000
Dom Perignon P2 Rose 2000



Dom Perignon P2 Rose 2000

12.5% | 75CL

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France, Champagne

Product details

The year 2000 was marked by an understandably stressful succession of cold and rainy periods, followed by hot and stormy interludes. The summer was uncertain, with long stretches of dreary weather. Then, at the end of August, the weather turned miraculously beautiful. This favorable period, which lasted through the entire harvest, is what made the vintage. Picking began with the Pinot Noir grapes on September 11, providing amazingly rich fruit.

Tasting notes

The Dom Pérignon Rosé P2 Vintage 2000 has two sides, expressing both warmth and coolness. The seductiveness of black cherries, dried figs and roses contrasts with deeper notes of nutmeg and cocoa powder, culminating in a finish of toastiness, smoke and ash. On the palate, the start is impressive is dominated by the consistency and integrated balance of all the different facets. The mouthfeel unfolds with suppleness and a round, even full-bodied sensation. The surprising finish tightens and then slackens, sappy and acidic, revealing notes of spices and dried citrus.


Dom Pérignon Vintage is patiently elevated to a new summit of expression. The elevation is called Plenitude 2. After close to 15 years in the darkness of the cellar, expansion of energy reaches its peak and the wine rises to an apex of essential, radiant vitality. Elevated to new heights, Dom Pérignon's uniqueness sings out higher and clearer than ever before. The wine is vibrant, a trait that can be revealed by lobster, molé verde and cardamom. The combination of veal, dashi broth and spirulina will bring out the paradoxical facet of the wine while pigeon, pistachio and kalamanci baklava will highlight its light. The wine is tactile: a green tomato sorbet will magnify its silky, creamy character. The wine exhibits a balanced tension: a facet that can be explored thanks to roasted pineapple, candied citrus peel and aniseed.

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